The Best Qualities in a Criminal Lawyer


Being charged with a crime can be very intimidating, and finding a capable professional to represent you is critical. There are several qualities you should look for in a good criminal attorney.


Experience is essential. Look into your lawyer’s educational background, what legal organizations they belong to, and what licenses they hold. Be sure to take a close look at their track record, particularly in the area of law your case involves. Referrals are a great resource to utilize as well.


A second crucial quality of a good defense attorney is the ability to communicate well. You should feel listened to and understood when you present your side of the situation. The attorney should also be a strong orator who can present your case to the jury as clearly and powerfully as possible. To get a look at your lawyer in action, you can attend public trials and observe their skills.

Keeping Your Confidence

Another attribute of a good criminal lawyer is commitment to confidentiality, which is vital to your protection. If information is not tightly guarded, it can alter the course of your case and be potentially damaging. A good attorney will be worthy of their client’s trust.


Ideally, your lawyer should be assertive, almost to the point of aggressiveness, when it comes to handling your case. Being soft spoken and laid back is generally not effective in the courtroom, particularly in criminal cases.

Protect Yourself

If you are facing accusations, obtaining the right lawyer is crucial.

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